Cameron Robinson

What made u interested in photography?

In high school I had to take an art class and choose photography and I instantly fell in love with the art of photography. To me, photography is more then just taking a camera and snapping a picture, it’s about telling a story, capturing beauty, feeling an emotion through a photo.

Who inspires you in the field of photography?

My first Photography teacher taught me the basics on creating nice works by learning how to control lighting with the camera, which is one of the most important aspects of taking high quality pictures.

Other photographers that inspire me is Robert Evans who is a celebrity wedding photographer and have shot a ton of weddings that have graced the cover of many magazines.

Gordan Parks is another photographer that inspired my style of shooting. He was able to tell a story with his pictures, which became timeless and highly sought after.

And Terry Richardson is another photographer that has a unique yet simple style that

What type of equipment do you use?

I have been very fortunate to have been able to use and familiarize myself with many different types of equipment from Cannon to Nikon, very high end equipment to vintage film camera’s for photo shoots and weddings depending on the type of shoot and the look we are going for. Primarily I use high-end professional series cannon products.

How many years in the field?

15 plus years

How would you describe your style?

Photo journalism, Candid, Tell story, elegant, fun and sexy.

How do you stay current?

I attend a lot of seminars and photographer workshops through the year, which helps me to stay current with the latest equipment, styles, trends etc….